6 Act


Mudong Madang


Chuji Madang


Paekchong Madang


Halmi Madang


P'gyesung Madang


Yangban & Sunbi Madang




An aristocrat (Yangban) and a scholar (Sonbi) appear, each trying to outshine the other in his knowledge and status.

They are mocked by Ch'oraengi, and lose face. Paekchang approaches the pair, asking them to buy the bull testicles.

At first they think it would be indecent, but when the butcher says the testicles will strenthen their sexual energies they quarrel with each other to buy them.


The old widow(Halmi) enters again and laughs at their behavior, then helps reconcile their differences. Ch'raengijoins them and they all dance joyfully.

This act encourages the ruling class to reconsider its real place in society, while the commoners let off a little steam, alleviating conflict between classes.

(Yangban and Sonbi are sitting along way from each other. They clear their throats unnecessarily, stroking their long beards. Each is try to look more dignified than the other, Ch'oraengi runs in, all excited.)


Ch'oraengi : Oh, my masters, I have just seen something really outrageous. Absolutely scandalous!
Can you imagine, masters?

Yangban : What is this fellow burbling abouts?

Sonbi : Come to the point at once!

Ch'oraengi : P-pune and the monk, my lords! I saw him carry her off into the bushes whit my own eyes! Have you ever heard of such a disgraceful thing?

Yangban : Pune and a Buddhist monk, of all people? What is the world coming to?
However, not to worry. Just bring Pune here.

Sonbi : That's good idea. Boy, go fetch her.(Ch'oraengi exits, returning in a few moments with a coy Pune.)

Yangban : Is that you, Pine? Come, girl, and massage my back. (Pune goes over to Yangban and starts massaging his shoulders, while he addresses Sonbi.) Sir, as Pune here well knows, there is no family around here to match mine.

Sonbi : That may be true, sir, but I have mastered Sa-so-sam-gyong(the Chinese classics all Confucian scholars had to study during the Chosun Dynasty. The acronym refers to the four("sa" in korean) books whose titles end in the work "So" and three ("Sam") titles ending in "gyong,") Come, Pune.
Come and massage my arms. There's a good girl. (Pune flirts between the men, massaging their arms and backs coquettishly.)

Ch'oraengi : (pricking up his ears at the reference to Sa-so-sam-gyong) You have mastered only three "gyongs," Sir? I know at least six.(They all look at him in bewilderment.)

Sonbi : What do you mean by six "gyongs," boy?

Ch'oraengi : I'll tell you. sir, First, Palman-dae-jang-gyong(the 80,000 wooden blocks for printing the buddhist scriptures kept in Haeinsa Temple, dating back to the Koryo period, on of the greatest pride of the Korean people.) Second, a Buddhist monk's Para-gyong(chanting of the sutra, accompanied by para, a musical instrument resembling two plates). Third, a blind man's an-gyong(glasses). Fourth, an apothecary's kil-gyong(Chinese balloon flowers used in medicine). Fith(putting his hand in front of his mouth and speaking in a hushed voice), a virgin's wol-gyong(menses). And sixth a farm laborer's sae-gyong(wages).

Yangban : (disgustedly) Really, I've heard it all!

Sonbi : Whatever next!


Yangban : Sir, it is no good arguing in front of these philistines.

Sonbi : I agree with you, sir. There is no point.

Yangban : Let's all have a dance together instead. (They dance around. Halmi appears and tries to join in. Sonbi looks at her ancient face and pushes her away. Yangban frowns at her and does the same. They bring Pune to dance with them instead. The old widow joins Ch'oraengi and dances with him. The butcher, Paekchong, enters, carrying the bull testicles. Yangban addresses him). What is that in your hand?

Paekchong : Something I'm selling, sir.

Yangban : What?(Toking a closer look) Really, dirty fellow, Go away and take that horrible thing you.

Paekchong : One moment masters. Please, would you be good enough to listen to me? they say there is nothing like the balls of a bull to improve a man's virility.

Yangban(grabbing hold of them) : Really? is that true? I'll buy them, then.

Sonbi(trying to snatch them offer Yangban) : No, I spotted them first. They're mine.

Yangban : Do you mind, sir? I offered to buy them first. Therefore, they're mine.

Halmi(taking the bull testicles from them and waving them before the audience) : The Yangban says they're his balls and the Sonbi say they're his. Whose balls are they anyway? I've lived more than sixty years in this world, but I've never before seen anyone fight over bull balls.

Imae(The foolish servant, rushes in) : Look! they're coming to collect taxes!
(Everyone scatters in panic and exits)


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