6 Act


Mudong Madang


Chuji Madang


Paekchong Madang


Halmi Madang


P'gyesung Madang


Yangban & Sunbi Madang




An old widow(Halmi) appears with a white scarf around her head and carrying a hand loom. The granny became widowed only three days after her wedding at the age of fourteen.

She weaves for a little while, then gets up and dances alone, bewailing her ill-fortune and begging the spectators for donations.

The mask of Halmi reveals the poverty and the visage of a woman of the world. The act symbolizes the conflicts between social classes the pain of life for the common people.



Halmi : Oh my back! It's killing me. Listen, folks, have you ever seen a more wretched creature than I? Widowed at fourteen, only three days after my wedding poor little me. I've had to fend for myself, begging for food here, begging for work there! Always hungry, often cold! Oh, what is the point? i'll stop working and dance for a while. (She dances around, holds out a gourd for collection donations, then exits.)


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