6 Act


Mudong Madang


Chuji Madang


Paekchong Madang


Halmi Madang


P'gyesung Madang


Yangban & Sunbi Madang




A butcher(Paekchong) enters with a straw bag containing an ax and a knife, and dances by himself. When he sees a big brown bull dance in, he dances with the bull, then kills it with his ax and cuts out its heart and testicles. He asks the spectators to buy the heart or testicles, and dances again when no one offers to buy them. When it thunders, he gets frightened and exits. The act satirizes the authoritative attitudes of the ruling class toward sexual life, removing the sexual taboo. This causes the spectators to laugh, and the butcher wins their sympathy.


(holding a red object high in the air) who wants to buy a bull heart? Look! It's still warm. Eat it like this and weaklings will become strong and dizziness will disappear. Nobody wants it? Huh, these people! Fancy not knowing the value of a fresh bull heart. (He puts it into his bag and this time holds up a large, brownish object.) How about the testicles, then? Surely you must know what they are good for?

What is more important than virility for a man? An old man with two young wives is envied by all; even Confucius was married and had children. there is nothing like the balls of a bull to improve a man's performance. Bull balls for sale! Anybody for the bull balls?(he dances around and exits)


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