6 Act


Mudong Madang


Chuji Madang


Paekchong Madang


Halmi Madang


P'gyesung Madang


Yangban & Sunbi Madang




In the mountains a young woman(Pune) appears performing a dance. She looks around to make sure nobody is nearby, then squats and relieves herself.  At that moment a wandering monk (Chung) catches sight of her and it stirs up his passion. He dances with her. As he runs away with the girl on his back, he is seen by Ch'oraengi (the busybody).

This act criticizes religion corruption of the day.


Chung :

Hell, pretty maid. I may be a monk, but I'm also a mon. You have aroused me by showing me your private ports and letting me smell your urine. Come! Come and dance with me.(Pune feigns resistance coquettishly. They dance together for a little while, then, carrying her on his back, the monk disappears into the bushes.)


Ch'oraengi :

(enters pointing to the couple)
Oh, my god! Did you see that? Whatever next, I wonder? The Buddhist monk and Pune! Well, I never!

(Imae, The fool, enters, smiling broadly.)


Ch'oraengi :

Hey, Imae! Did you see the monk and Pune disappearing into the bushes? Have you ever heard of such a thing? (Imae just grins) Ah, well, no matter. It's funny world. Come, lets dance together. (The two of them dance and exit.)



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