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Hahoe Pyolshin-Gut T'al-nori, which is Major Intangible Cultural Assets No., 69, is the mask dance performed by the common people in Hahoe Village, Poongcheon-myeon, Andong-si, Kyeongsangbook-do, Korea since the middle of 12th Century. This mask dance was regularly opened as the special service of this villiage to pray for peace of the village and good harvest of the agricultural society.

Hahoe mask Dance Drama Preservation Society (hereinafter called as 'the Preservation Society') carries out the actitivies for transimission and distribution of such Hahoe Pyolshin-Gut T'al-nori. The preservation society transmits and develops crucial cultural assets of Korea, and publicizes excellency and unique beauty of Korean culture through the mask dance.

Hahoe Pyolshin-Gut T'al-nori getting together with the life of Korean nation was finally interrupted in 1928. Even Hahoe Tal (Hahoe Mask) left the village and its custody place was changed into National Museum of Korea.

Fortunately, Master Han-sang Ryoo, who was born and grown in hahoe village and was the head of Andong Cultural Center, could revive the mask dance with manuscript of the mask dance collected through the village people. The meeting, which was made by the youth with the same mind to restore the mask dance interrupted in 1928 with the said manuscript, was Hahoe Mask Dance Institute, the initial conference of the preservation society.

As general recognition for tranditional culture of Korea was still low even at that time, they pointed at the mask dancing with scorn, thinking it was shallow.

As it was the time when national policy was also concentrated on economic development to solve the means of living, there were a lot of trials and difficulties in restoration of the mask dance.


Through the data research executed from 1974 to 1975,
and 4 times of restoration performances from 1976 to 1977 on the basis of the said data research, the mask dance, which was the folk custom forgotten for half century, was re-born as the traditional folk custom performance that wisdom of our ancestors is soaked, and that satire and zest are contained.

The performance activities of the preservation society were segregated into domestic performance and
overseas performance.


Some 100 to 150 performances are made as domestic ones per year. The representative peformances are permanent performance, Andong International Mask Festival, Traditional Cultural Interchange of Yeongnam and Honam, national cultural events (86 Asian Games, 88 Olympic Games, Daejeon Expo, Kwangjoo Biennale and etc.), self-governing body invitation performance, special performance for foreign tourists visiting Andong and etc.  

As for overseas performance, starting as it participated in Japan national cultural festival opened in Iwatehyen in 1992 by invitation of Japan international interchange foundation, it has steadily  executed

the overseas activities and will be continued in future. This reason is based on the fact that to inform the excellence of our culture and to have self-pride as cultural nation can be positioned as the nation leading the unlimited competition era.

 The preservation society, as aforementioned, will steadily make endeavors as the cultural and art group to transmit and inherit traditional culture of Korea.



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